Blue Summer 2013

When I was finishing my first year of university, I penned a miniature collection of poems, some of which were later published by Spleen, and have decided to include them here. Below is the note I attached at the start of the collection.

Dear reader,
This is by no means an introduction or any kind of foreword that is necessary to read. I simply thought I would mention the different poets and composers who were my inspiration for this set of poems. I hope it doesn’t sound pretentious in any way: my small efforts are merely a gesture in their footsteps, not an attempt to match their heights.

This small collection of poetry draws upon a range of literary sources. “Dicht-ing and Wahrheit” clearly references Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s autobiography Dichtung und Wahrheit, while the poem itself contains allusions to his fifth Roman Elegy as well as other aspects of his life. “transience” relies on the power of sound, both long and brief, to set the scene for the final two poems. “Seen: 22:31”, which immediately follows this, is quite strongly linked to the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, but more a tribute than imitation. The final two poems were inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello No.1, Prelude; the last one in particular a more conscious experiment with traditional form, which today can be seen as even stranger than the use of Modernist or Postmodern free verse.

I hope you enjoy the poems.


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