Photoset – Double OOTD: Visiting Home

As promised, the first of my Outfit of the Day posts from my brief trip to the UK! And a double one at that, because I made A agree to A graciously agreed to appear in some photos too. I suppose neither of us look particularly fancy, but that’s because we spent about seven hours travelling through the cold in total (trains on Sunday!!) with my huge suitcase in tow, so we needed to be comfortable. It was incredibly cold, so I’m wearing three pairs of tights here! I also had some H&M gloves that match my scarf, which some of you may have seen on my Instagram on Saturday. Speaking of the scarf, I love it! It’s just so…big! And it’s really soft which makes it ideal for use as a blanket, too. I didn’t really love the necklace, though, as it started to break the same day, which was pretty disappointing. It was a little bigger and heavier than the jewellery I normally wear, but I’m hoping it worked with my frame.

I really liked being able to do a proper “shoot” for once, even though the harsh midday lighting made our lives very difficult. The background may look relatively serene, but a “behind the scenes” would probably reveal a lot more!

It was a strange feeling actually picking out nice clothes to go and visit my mother and sister: it´s starting to develop the feeling of it no longer being my own home. I spend most of the year living away from there – even more so this year – and at some point in the future I´ll have to Move Out altogether. It´s interesting how your appearance choices reflect changes in your life.

Coat: Julien Macdonald

Dress: H&M

Tights: Debenhams

Shoes: Clarks

Scarf: H&M

Necklace: Stradivarius

Jacket: H&M

Jumper: Debenhams

Shirt: Raymond

Trousers: Adams Avenue

Shoes: Mochi

Scarf: Kashmir Cottage Emporium

Did you find it strange making the transition from living at home in your pyjamas to visiting and wearing actual nice clothes? What do you wear to visit your old family home?

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