Photoset – OOTD: Oxford Jaunts

I have been so, so excited to put together this post! I absolutely ADORE this outfit in every way and felt so great wearing it around Oxford on Monday; I joked with A that I was holding the stereotype of “hipster linguist condescending to return from Europe” down to a point, and in fact it wasn’t long before one of Magdalen’s dons commented that I looked very European/year-abroad-y, so I consider my mission accomplished!

Pictures first, then chatter? Oh, if you insist:

Don’t I have a beautiful college? This isn’t even the prettiest part by a mile: I would have liked to have a shoot near the New Buildings but I wasn’t sure I wanted to attract that much attention! Hopefully next year at the very least, although I don’t currently plan to be living in college, I can do some shoots around the beautiful architecture before I leave it for good.

Something they don’t tell you about fashion blogging – you need a camera person! I remember once seeing a very grumpy internet commenter frustratedly asking if everyone has a photographer boyfriend whom they drag around everywhere – it was funny because it can seem really true! Living on your own can really make your life hard in this respect. If you’re hugely talented and capable like some of my friends, then you just set up your tripod and self-time your way to blog success. However, I struggle with doing that for full-body shots (FOCUS, anyone?!) and can therefore forget about proper OOTD posts while I’m on my own in Madrid: I was therefore delighted to be able to thrust the camera into A’s unsuspecting hands when I was in the UK.

These shorts are brand new, and this was the first time I was wearing them. I had just paid at the till – an obscene amount – and was literally walking towards the door when these caught my eye. I’m a huge fan of shorts with tights – a true Brit – but my days of fraying, barely-there denim are far behind me. I’ve been looking for something more structured for a while (in fact, I’m still on the hunt for a stiff, structured playsuit for the work Christmas party, so if you’ve got something in mind, please head my way!) so these were perfect. Anything red with a high waist and large buttons is well up my street.

The bangle set also contains all the things I love – a big red bow, pearls, gold and lace-like detailing. I’ve bought another one in navy and can’t wait to wear it! However, it really is the hat that garners all the attention whenever I wear it. It’s one of the few styles that suits me (I usually wear it tipped back slightly more than in these pictures) and although it takes confidence to carry off, I feel it can take an outfit from “nice” to “striking” in an instant.

I really hope you like this look as much as I did! Below are the details:

Hat: H&M

Top: H&M

Shorts: Stradivarius

Tights: Debenhams

Shoes: H&M

Jewellery: Stradivarius


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