Madrid Street Style Part Two – Retiro

Hello everyone! By now, you’ve hopefully seen my first post featuring the good citizens of Madrid, and I hope you enjoyed it! But of course, there’s more! Keep reading for even more stylish inhabitants of this beautiful city. You can’t say you don’t get value for money around here!

Isn’t Sandra gorgeous? This has to be one of my favourite outfits I’ve seen lately, as it combines classic shapes with trendy pieces to create a modern, classy look. Let’s start with the coat: you’ve got to have confidence to pull off a jacket this striking, but boy, is it worth it! The straight silhouette contrasts with the fitted main outfit so it doesn’t veer too strongly in the super-fitted-retro direction where everything is pulled together at the waist and can occasionally look a bit costume-y. The shiny shoes again add an unexpectedly modern touch to a simple, classic outfit, and therefore don’t look tacky or over the top, since the rest of the look is comparatively low-key. A fitted denim shirt was something I saw on quite a few people of all genders in Madrid, and you can never go wrong with a black skater skirt! The statement accessories – the necklace and the quirky sunglasses – serve to complement the outfit, rather than overwhelming it.

For this demure young lady, simplicity was key. Her super on-trend loose waves worked perfectly with her casual button-front dress. Add a pair of ballerina flats and you’re all set for a relaxed day in the park. I particularly liked how her two-toned shoes complement both belt and buttons, as well as the fact that her sleeves end just where her belt is, pulling the loose shape together.

I really enjoyed photographing these two visitors from China, as their eclectic fashion choices added a bit of variety to my afternoon. I am truly incapable of pulling off midi skirts, and even maxi skirts look a bit silly on my 5 foot 3 frame. These girls seriously made the lengths work for them, achieving a graceful, flowing air. Again, I don’t know whether they deliberately matched their colour schemes, but blue and white is never a bad combination, especially in this weather. I adore the pointed patent pumps (wow, alliteration) and their incredibly elegant leg-extending properties, as well as the little bows on top! The granny-chic combination of the nude shoes and the carpet bag also caught my eye, as the style most commonly spotted that afternoon was incredibly glam. The muted tones here provide a welcome but not too jarring contrast to the cool blue and white of the main outfit. Granny chic screams “I’m unbothered by what everyone else is thinking” and I wanted to capture that!

While it can be daunting approaching strangers and asking to take their photo (in a foreign language, no less), it doesn’t take long to enter into the swing of it all. I really enjoyed my first jaunt around Madrid as a street style writer, and I’m hoping to get out there again before I leave.


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