Review: Lindor Easter Egg by Lindt

Hello everyone, and welcome (back) to the blog! As many of you know, I’ve been completely swamped by coursework and revision, as it’s now only a matter of weeks until my final exams start – talk about pressure! As a result, it was a lovely surprise when Lindt were so kind as to send me this gorgeous Easter gift set to review.


In terms of first impressions, the box looks absolutely sensational. I can’t imagine how thrilled I would be to receive this from a loved one as an Easter present: I would certainly feel very special indeed! The website describes the gift set in the following terms:

The blissfully decadent Lindor Shell Egg 322g is a perfect Easter gift for a true milk chocolate lover! This delightfully indulgent box contains a large hollow milk chocolate Easter egg wrapped in a neat red bow and 8 mini Lindor Easter egg truffles that contain the irresistibly smooth Lindor filling which will make you melt with each bite.



I can only confirm the descriptors “blissfully decadent” and “delightfully indulgent” – you’re certainly getting a lot of chocolate for your money. Many other big-name gift sets give the impression that you’re receiving full-size chocolates along with your egg, while in reality it’s a few hollow or plain bits and pieces. As you can see from the description, this is certainly not the case here. I would, however, contest the term “mini” to describe the egg truffles, as they’re much larger than I was expecting – think double the size of a Lindt Lindor ball!


The packaging is tidy and elegant: the cardboard box is easy to open and the plastic casing slides out without issue. The eggs are neatly contained within the plastic and so don’t fall out or move around inside the packaging, which would make this an excellent choice for anyone wishing to send this by post.


The egg itself feels pleasingly heavy in your hand and the nine little truffles make it perfect for sharing. Of course, as always from Lindt, the chocolate is absolutely divine. This gift set provides a perfect balance between plain milk chocolate and the Lindor truffles we all know and love. Especially if you’re like me and get through chocolate quite slowly, this would last you through the whole Easter week – and beyond!


Are you a fan of Easter eggs? Do you celebrate Easter? What kind of chocolate do you like?

Thanks to Lindt for the PR samples – all opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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