notes from 2nd week (ht)

[I am choosing to substitute this week’s entry with a message of solidarity and support for those affected by the heinous events of the last few days.

If you – like me – are one of the lucky ones who do not have to worry about the validity of their passport from one week to the next, words are no longer enough. It is no longer sufficient to point to verses from the Bible asking for tolerance. They do not care.

Words are no longer enough. Now is the time to act. Resist.

If you are able to physically demonstrate, there are protests across the world today, including the UK. The London rally is at 6pm today. There are a number of protests in Oxford: one this evening and one on Wednesday afternoon.

If you are not able to physically demonstrate, I recommend this excellent guide on working out how you can contribute to the resistance effort. Writing helps: write to your MP and demand a better refugee policy, tell them your views on Brexit, or simply tell them to step up and push against the Prime Minister’s relationship with the US President.

The ACLU has received millions in donations since Saturday, and there are other organisations that need your help. Among them are Safe PassageDetention ActionWomen for Refugee Women, and Doctors Without Borders – Mediterranean Search and Rescue. For food provision, support Refugee Community Kitchen; for music, have a look at the work that Music in Detention do. There are also many, many local organisations working with vulnerable people, from Hackney and Haringey to Glasgow. For anti-Islamophobia, support TellMAMA. Your help is needed and valued.

If you do any of these things, the next step is to shout about it. Tell your peers. Tell your tutors. Tell your students. Tell your family, your neighbours, your workmates. Let them know that something other than a resigned shake of the head at the news is possible. Use your platform to set an example that goes beyond exclaiming “Isn’t it terrible?”.

Now is the time to act.

Thank you for reading.]




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