The Final(s) Weeks

*Zayn voice* Hey, what’s up – it’s been a while…

If you used to read my “10.5 Weeks” series and wondered what happened to the last 2.5 weeks, wonder no more. It’s been a long time coming, but if you were curious to know how the last weeks of my degree were, this post is for you! It’s a long one, so grab a snack and a cup of tea!

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Week 4: Translation, Tension & Trinity Term

Surprise! I bet you didn’t expect another post this early, did you? Sadly, it’s rather more out of necessity than zeal – it’s the start of Trinity Term, meaning my exams start on Monday and continue throughout the week, so I won’t be able to put together a post during the early part of the week like I normally do. Monday at 4 is German speaking, Tuesday at 10.15 is Spanish speaking, Wednesday at 9.30 is Spanish listening and Thursday at 9.30 is German listening. In between, I still need to revise literature, so it’s going to be a tiring week. Continue reading

Week 1: Envelopes, Emails & Easter

Whoa. Whoa. What is going on? No beauty? No reviews? I know, my friend: it’s disorientating. And for those of you who guessed that the colon use indicates a new series – you are correct.

Wait, but Week 1 of what, exactly? Only the the ten and a half weeks I have remaining of my degree – although it’s nine and a half now, as I’m counting from last week. I wanted to call this series 10.5 Weeks, but there are quite a few similarly-named blogs already. But there are only ten and a half weeks left of my entire degree! I know. Scary. I finish on 2nd June (although I don’t have my graduation ceremony until the end of September, almost as an afterthought) and, as my official week-by-week revision plan began last week, I quite wanted to run a blog series in conjunction.

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