Three Stop Shop: Volumising Mascara

When it comes to lashes for me, it’s go big or go home. No “natural” or clear mascaras for me: I want lashes that touch the sky. Hence, anything with “volumising” or “falsh lash effect” is sure to appeal to me, but I’m wary of anything too clumpy or unwieldy to use. I therefore have three different products to review today (some of them have been a long time coming – sorry!) which I’ve had varying levels of success with.

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REVIEW: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pen

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for the long silence: we’ve just moved into a new place and had to wait an eternity for the internet, and then my boyfriend’s parents came to stay, so blogging has been slightly difficult!

Anyway, I’ve picked up quite a few new products over the last few weeks and have been diligently testing them out for the blog: this being one of them. Let’s just jump in, shall we?

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Three Stop Shop: Drugstore Lip Liners

Hello there, and thank you for reading! Whether you’re a new reader or an existing subscriber, I’m really grateful that you decided to stop by today.

Today’s post is about lip liners, and specifically those from the high street (or “drugstore”, as most of the world seems to call it). Like many people of my generation, I used to shrink in fear from the very idea of lip liner, as it only brought to mind scary Nineties images of too-dark outlines around painted-on lipstick.

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Top Summer Beauty Picks

Hi everyone! Apologies for the long break: I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family recently given that it was my mother’s birthday. Another hiatus is looking likely, as the headphone jack has fallen out of my laptop and I need to get it repaired.

To tide you over, I wrote an article for the ‘Cherwell’  back in May, recommending beauty products that should see you through your sweltering summer holidays, and it’s just been published.

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New York, London, Paris and… Madrid?

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well. I’m currently trying to Sort Out My Life for what must be the fifth time this year. I’ve been setting goals, buying books and writing lists: today is the first day of my intended improvements, so let’s hope it lasts!

Just a quick post to say that the Cherwell, one of Oxford University’s most famous publications (since 1920) contacted me recently about writing an article for their fashion section, and obviously I was delighted! I took the opportunity to interview a talented Madrid designer and blogger, Noelia Bennardo, to get a wider range of opinions on Madrid fashion, and she was absolutely lovely and a pleasure to work with.

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Sixties Flick

A few years ago, I went through a retro music phase. I listened exclusively to music from the “American Graffiti” era for months on end, falling deeper and deeper into the time jump until it was a total jolt to turn on the radio and hear Tinie Tempah’s “Frisky”: I had to ease myself back into listening to modern pop music as it was such a shock to the system. I decided that my Year 11 prom look would be early Sixties-inspired, and devoted myself to avidly researching the fashions of this era as much as possible (this would have been a lot easier if Pinterest had been in my life!). This is when I started wearing my now trademark winged eyeliner (literally a year or so before it fully came back into fashion!) and when I started longing for dresses and clothes fitted at the waist. However, there was one problem: I couldn’t do anything with my hair.

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Powderdoom feature!

Hi everyone, this isn’t really a full blog post, but I wanted to share something really exciting! Powderdoom contacted me a while ago and asked me to guest post for them, and here it is! The pictures are completely unedited and unretouched, and were taken on my phone. All the products used are listed in the post. I think it’s important for me to occasionally step away from the filters and the editing, not only to add integrity to my social media activity – I don’t want to feel like my Instagram persona is an entirely different person from my real life self – but to also make me feel better about myself, that I don’t have to do all these things to my photos to feel good about myself.

Many thanks to Kailey from Mermaidens for contacting me about this! Below are a couple more photos with that look.

PS – I hope you like the new blog layout! Let me know what you think.

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UK Haul! Feb 2015

Hello! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend!

You may have seen that I’m now on Bloglovin’ – I have very very few followers which is a little tragic, so I’d love it if you could give me a follow over there! I absolutely love it as a way to read all my favourite blogs in one place.

Regular readers will have noticed that the ‘January Favourites’ post was conspicuous in its absence: that is because I didn’t try (and love) enough new products last month to warrant a post, so I’ll be combining a January and February favourites post in a few weeks – and I am very much hoping some of these products will be featuring!

Last week I took a flying visit to Oxford, and while I suppose it was nice to see my boyfriend, we all know that my real reason for going back was to return to my beloved Boots in Cornmarket Street. And boy, did I show it some love. I actually had to restrain myself, and STILL ended up with a significant dent in my wallet and a few extra kilos in my suitcase…oops!

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