Powderdoom feature!

Hi everyone, this isn’t really a full blog post, but I wanted to share something really exciting! Powderdoom contacted me a while ago and asked me to guest post for them, and here it is! The pictures are completely unedited and unretouched, and were taken on my phone. All the products used are listed in the post. I think it’s important for me to occasionally step away from the filters and the editing, not only to add integrity to┬ámy social media activity – I don’t want to feel like my Instagram persona is an entirely different person from my real life self – but to also make me feel better about myself, that I don’t have to do all these things to my photos to feel good about myself.

Many thanks to Kailey from Mermaidens for contacting me about this! Below are a couple more photos with that look.

PS – I hope you like the new blog layout! Let me know what you think.

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Photoset – Oxford: Eating Out / 21st Birthday

Unusually for me, I’m pretty chatty in this post! This is the first in the set I’m uploading from my recent flying visit to Oxford, and contains a lot of food pictures – yes, I was indeed that person sitting there with their big camera, snapping away! Please do click through the pictures to see the descriptions, and stay tuned for outfit posts coming your way!

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